Monday, February 10, 2020

Fashion Glasses and Contact Lenses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Fashion Glasses and Contact Lenses - Essay Example The essay "Fashion Glasses and Contact Lenses" discovers the Glasses and Contact Lenses in Fashion. Style and fashion is associated with social status, cultural background of people belonging to various social groups. Changes in tastes and fashions call for innovations in design, quality and use of materials that enhance aesthetic values associated with the product. Gasses and contact lenses have evolved into fashion objects and undergone radical changes keeping in tune with the technological developments, though utility value of these products cannot be underestimated. Combination of fashion and utility in fact ensured sustainable growth of the eye glasses as fashion objects of style and fashion in the industry. When people are under compulsion to go for glasses either for vision correction or protection of their eyes, the next logical decision in buying involves proper selection of glasses. This decision is based on several factors which are guided mostly by cultural background of the consumer. But, the important aspects of decision making are style and fashion, keeping in mind the personality and social status of the person. Values are the beliefs or ideals shared by people in a culture which influences a person’s behaviour and attitude. In study of fashion emphasis is on the way in which the objects of fashion such as jewellery, garments and accessories like shoes and glasses acquire meaning in specific historical and cultural contexts. Tilley, C. stated The concept of objectification may be held.

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