Saturday, December 21, 2019

The American Red Cross Is A Humanitarian Based...

The American Red Cross is a humanitarian based organization created by Clara Barton in 1881. According to The, Barton was inspired to create the Red Cross because of her service trip in Europe were she was stationed as a nurse where she heard of a Swiss based Red Cross that treated wounded soldiers in the war. Barton admired their work and decided to start a branch in the United States. The Red Cross has blossomed into an organization that provides relief towards natural disasters, emergency assistance, and public health education. Up to date, the organization has currently 650 chapters and 36 blood drives across the United States ready to deliver assistance to any citizen in need. The Red†¦show more content†¦Elizabeth McLaughlin stated, Why then haven t these charities been able to get together and agree on one uniform application? Why haven t they able to get together and develop a quicker way for families to receive these funds? With victims such as McLaughlin, how do you attend to them? Here you have victims suffering from financial stability that can no longer afford to live their lives and now cannot receive assistance due to malfunctions. The financial officer at the time Jack Campbell believed the issue did not deserve to be blown into proportions. He told CBS news that his idea for progress is rigorous set of additional procedures and more national oversight. Some might say that is not enough, why was the chapters organized independently? The Red Cross is a large operating organization that attends to the U.S population and with the situation going on at New York at the time you would believe there would be some type of monitoring. Hurricane Katrina aftermath controversy The American Red Cross was yet again put to test when hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans leaving citizens stranded with little to no food and water. The Red Cross was reported to be chaotic at their locations, with refugees waiting in line to be attended to. According to NBC news, Red Cross dispatched their services to predominantly white areas leaving other refugees unattended with

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